Case Report Mandibular incisor extraction: A treatment alternative for large maxillary midline diastema

International OrthodonticsInternational Orthodontics

Available online 3 July 2019


Maxillary midline diastema is a common aesthetic concern of dental patients. Various treatment modalities have been employed to close diastemas. This case report describes an unusual orthodontic treatment approach for a 25-year-old African American female patient with a large maxillary midline diastema of 5 mm, bialveolar dental protrusion and unilateral Class III malocclusion. The treatment included one mandibular incisor extraction, followed by retraction of the incisors. At the end of the 16-month active treatment period, favourable aesthetic and occlusal outcomes were attained. Closure of midline diastema, good overjet and overbite with Class I molar relationships were achieved.

Clinical significance

Fixed orthodontic treatment with single mandibular incisor extraction can be an effective treatment choice for a large maxillary midline diastema. With careful selection of the case and treatment planning, successful results can be obtained.
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