Voco’s New Cement Meron Plus AC

Resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement

As a radiopaque resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement, Meron Plus AC combines the advantages of a conventional glass ionomer luting cement with those of a resin-based cement. It offers easy handling, exceptional compressive strength, high bond strengths and is suited for the attachment of all types of restorations – even for cementation of root posts and orthodontic appliances.  Additionally, it is indicated for use with metal, ceramics and is especially well-suited for high strength zirconium oxide ceramics.
Meron Plus AC is thixotropic, has very good wettability and has a working time of approximately 2 minutes at room temperature.  Setting intraorally after 3 – 5 minutes, Meron Plus AC takes on a gel-like consistency around the 4 minute mark, which allows any excess material to be removed easily using a probe.
Meron Plus AC is now available in VOCO’s innovative and easy-to-use application capsule which eliminates the need for an activator. Simply place the colored base on a firm surface and activate by pushing down. The liquid piston is pressed into the capsule and the liquid is emptied into the powder chamber. This is followed by a 10-second trituration process in a capsule mixer and insertion into the applicator. Uniform application is ensured after raising the application tip.
VOCO America Inc.
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Therapeutic effect of Aloe vera and silver nanoparticles on acid-induced oral ulcer in gamma-irradiated mice

Braz. oral res. vol.32  São Paulo  2018  Epub Feb 05, 2018


Radiation combined injury, a life-threatening condition, has higher mortality than simple radiation injury. The aim of the present study was to analyze the efficiency of Aloe vera and silver nanoparticles in improving the healing of ulcerated oral mucosa after irradiation. Thirty male Albino mice were divided into five groups: control, radiation, Aloe vera (AV), silver nanoparticles (NS), and AV+NS. The mice were exposed to whole body 6Gy gamma-radiation. After one hour, 20% acetic acid was injected into the submucosal layer of the lower lip for ulcer induction. The animals received topical treatment with the assigned substances for 5 days. Lip specimens were subjected to hematoxylin and eosin and anti alpha-smooth muscle actin immunohistochemical staining. Results demonstrated occurance of ulcer three days post irradiation in all groups except in the AV+NS group where only epithelial detachment was developed. After seven days, data revealed persistent ulcer in radiation group, and almost normal epithelium in the AV+NS group. A significant reduction of epithelial thickness was detected in all groups at the third day as compared to control. At the seventh day, only the AV+NS group restored the epithelial thickness. Area percent of alpha-smooth muscle actin expression was significantly decreased in radiation group at the third day followed by significant increase at the seventh day. However, all treatment groups showed significant increase in alpha-smooth muscle actin at the third day, which decreased to normal level at the seventh day. Our study demonstrated the efficiency of Aloe vera and silver nanoparticles in enhancing ulcer healing after irradiation.

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Kulzer launches Ivory® ReLeafTM, dentistry’s best hands-free suction solution

South Bend, IN/2.9.2018. Kulzer announced today that it has launched its time-saving, patient-friendly, high volume Ivory ReLeaf hands-free HVE suction device.
Ivory ReLeaf assists with evacuation, retraction and maintaining a dry field during a wide array of dental and hygiene procedures. Unlike saliva ejectors, Ivory ReLeaf is not only a hands-free suction device, but a high volume suction device. It works in all four quadrants with ergonomic comfort and full view of oral cavity without the need to be moved around. This can save up to 15 minutes of time per patient, which can translate into hundreds of dollars in increased production throughout the day.
“The ingenious aspect of Ivory ReLeaf’s design is that its disposable leaves use the cheek and vestibule area for support, rather than relying on the shape of the arch or the orientation of the teeth,” said Lesley Melvin, Kulzer’s Director, Marketing & Product Management. “This provides 280 degrees of suction around the leaf to make time-saving uninterrupted suction throughout the oral cavity possible.” Ivory ReLeaf further contributes to practice efficiency by conveniently connecting to existing dental vacuum systems in less than 60 seconds.
Ivory ReLeaf is exceptionally patient-friendly. Patients are less likely to feel claustrophobic since the device does not obstruct the airway, and because Ivory ReLeaf does not reach the soft pallet, gag reflexes are rarely an issue. In addition, its universal mouthpiece, or “leaf,” is made of a custom blend of latex and BPA-free polymer that is both soft and comfortable. And because Ivory ReLeaf allows patients to move their heads left and right and up and down, they can communicate on a two-way basis with the clinician during the treatment.
According to Ms. Melvin, Ivory ReLeaf also provides peace of mind to patients and clinicians alike. According to the Center for Disease Control, when patients close their lips around low- volume saliva ejectors, backflow can occur when the pressure in the patient’s mouth is less than
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that in the evacuator. “This backflow, which can include previous patients’ waste material, colonized biofilm from the tubing, and chemicals from flushing the line, is simply not possible with Ivory ReLeaf,” said Ms. Melvin.
Dental practices may order a free sample of Ivory ReLeaf at mydental360.com/releaf. Learn more about Ivory ReLeaf and other Kulzer products at www.kulzerUS.com.
Kulzer, LLC
As one of the world’s leading dental companies, Kulzer has been a reliable partner for all dental professionals for more than 80 years. Whether aesthetic or digital dentistry, tooth preservation, prosthetics or periodontology – Kulzer stands for trusted and innovative dental products. With optimal solutions and services, Kulzer aims to support its customers in restoring their patients’ oral health in a safe, simple and efficient way. For this purpose, 1500 employees work in 26 locations in the field of research, manufacture and marketing.
Kulzer is part of the Mitsui Chemicals Group. The Japanese Mitsui Chemicals Inc. (MCI) based in Tokyo owns 131 affiliates with more than 13,400 employees in 27 countries. Its innovative and functional chemical products are as much in demand in the automotive, electronics and packaging industries as in environmental protection and healthcare.
Up to July 2017, Kulzer operated under the name of Heraeus Kulzer. By changing the name, Kulzer will focus on its strengths that have made it successful: loyal partnerships with users, distributors and universities, and, above all, highest quality materials, innovations and a spectrum of services that is unique in the market.
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Avalon NeoMTA Plus® Named Top Endodontic Reparative Cement for Fourth Straight Year

Easy-mixing, versatile, yet highly affordable bioceramic again honored by THE DENTAL ADVISOR
HOUSTON, TEXAS, February 7, 2018—Avalon Biomed, a division of NuSmile Ltd., announced today that its Avalon NeoMTA Plus has been named “Top Product” for the Endodontic Reparative Cement category by THE DENTAL ADVISOR for the fourth consecutive year.
“We’re thrilled to have THE DENTAL ADVISOR’s expert group of clinical advisors bestow this prestigious honor on Avalon NeoMTA Plus four years in a row,” said Mark Binford, Avalon Biomed Senior Vice President. “We pride ourselves on this breakthrough product’s ability to offer endodontists and general dentists a combination of versatility, ease of use, and remarkable affordability they simply can’t get from any other dental bioceramic material.”
NeoMTA Plus is a stain-proof, tricalcium silicate-based bioceramic cement that can be used universally for a wide variety of endodontic treatments including pulp therapy. Priced at roughly one- fifth the price of the best-known MTA brands, NeoMTA Plus is praised for its superior abilities to mix smoothly, place easily, resist washout, set quickly and avoid staining.
THE DENTAL ADVISOR awards, among the most highly coveted honors in the dental industry, were created to recognize quality products and equipment whose superiority is documented through clinical and evidence-based research.
For more information on NeoMTA Plus or other Avalon Biomed products, call (941) 896-9948 or visit www.avalonbiomed.com.
About Avalon Biomed
Avalon Biomed, a wholly owned division of NuSmile Ltd., develops, markets and sells highly differentiated bioceramics for use in restorative dentistry applications. Avalon’s products have a variety of uses in vital pulp therapy and endodontics, from pulpotomy and cavity liners to root-end filling and sealer materials. Dr. Carolyn Primus, a renowned materials scientist and 2016 Dr. Edward B. Shils Award winner, founded Avalon Biomed Inc. in 2011 to develop unique, best-in-class medical devices for dentistry and orthopedics. Avalon products are focused on bioactive, inorganic hydraulic formulas utilizing the latest in materials technology.
NuSmile Ltd., Headquartered in Houston, Texas, NuSmile is a worldwide leader in restorative dentistry products. NuSmile has a passion for quality and innovation and an unmatched dedication to the dental profession and the patients they serve. NuSmile products are offered in over 40 countries around the world.
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