A clinical study on the 6-year outcomes of immediately loaded three implants for completely edentulous mandibles: “the all-on-3 concept”


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The objective of the current study was to demonstrate the 6-year clinical and radiological treatment outcomes of the technique performed by immediately loading of three implants (single straight in the mid-line and two tilted distal implants) for the management of total edentulous mandibles and introduce a simple decision matrix for selection of the most appropriate protocol in cases with insufficient length of the interforaminal area. Re-assessments were performed over a total observation period of 6 years after surgery via measurement of bone resorption around implants, bleeding on probing, plaque accumulation, periodontal probing depth, bite force measurements and oral health impact profile. A total of 29 patients (45% women and 55% men) with a mean age of 65 ± 6 years enrolled in the study. 14 patients received an acryl-based bridge as definitive prosthetic restoration and 15 patients received a ceramic-based restoration. Both during the immediate loading phase and during the 6-year follow-up, there was no implantation loss. Regardless of the implant position, all implants showed continuous bone loss over the observation time. The bone loss around dental implants during observation period was only maximum 1.0 ± 1 mm and it remained well within the limits for ‘success’ according to the 2007 Pisa consensus (< 2 mm). The plaque index showed no significant fluctuations between the implant positions and the individual examination times. The approach described herein might help the surgeon by avoiding unnecessary loss of bone strength, selecting implant sites, and establishing the biomechanical advantage of increased A–P spread for immediate function.
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